Enjoy a Fordington Dry Ginuary

Enjoy a Fordington Dry Ginuary

We appreciate that after indulging at Christmas time some people want to take a break from a drinking alcohol. However for those who are not taking part in dry January why not enjoy a Fordington Dry Ginuary?!

Here are 5 reason to enjoy gin at the start of the year:

1. Keep supporting your local businesses.

We’re huge supporters of independent bars, pubs and restaurants. After a busy end to the year, January can be a tough time for these businesses. If you can get your friends and family together for social catch up (or a night out on the tiles) in a local bar or restaurant this will be a huge boost to them. And if you can all enjoy a Fordington Gin and tonic then all the better!

2. Your New Year health kick doesn’t need to be put on hold.

A single measure of gin has just over 100 calories. A 250 ml glass of red wine is around double this. This means that enjoying a gin won’t instantly wreck any hard fitness work. So if you fancy treating yourself to a drop of gin at weekend then go for it!

3. Try new gin tasting experiences.

On your list of resolutions for the coming year why not include tasting new and exciting gins as part of your aims? We have a great range of different gins for you to enjoy. Each one can be made in to so many different cocktails. Take a look at our best serves gallery for inspiration.

4. Shake the January Blues

After New Year celebrations, January can be a depressing month. Daylight is at a premium and the weather can be quite bleak. Couple this with a return to work and it’s almost like the fun and frivolity of Christmas never happened. Not to mention there is a whole 31 days to get through! Don’t deprive yourself of the one true release at the end of a hectic working week and kick back with a Fordington’s Gin & Tonic.

5. Celebrate the wonder of botanicals!

Simply put, we love botanicals! Fordington Gin uses juniper, star anise and lemon balm to create a subtle and original flavour. Being the staple of every dry gin we especially like to celebrate the humble juniper berry. As well as it’s incredible flavour profile, juniper berries are considered to have some health benefits. Bursting with antioxidants and loads of vitamin C, juniper can help ward off colds, flu and bugs. We couldn’t think of a better way to help fight the common winter cold than by enjoying a gin or two!