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fordington gin and tonic

Perfect Gin & Tonic


Straight Fordington Gin with Fever Tree tonic and ice is always good. Take a look at our classic recipe to learn how to make the perfect G&T.

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english rose gin and cardamom

English Rose Gin & Cardamom


Combine our English Rose gin, Fever Tree tonic and cardamom pods. Enjoy this delicious tipple on a warm summers day!

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stawberry and peppercorn gin

Strawberries & peppercorns


Enjoy our classic Fordington Gin with strawberries and black pepper, ideally Tellicherry peppercorns from India.

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Can’t beat a wedge of cucumber


Nothing beats a wedge of cucumber to finish off a Gin and tonic

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cherry brandy gin cocktail

My favourite gin recipe


My favourite Fordington Gin cocktail combines cherry soaked brandy, brandy cherry juice and fever tree tonic over ice.

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Martini cocktails…


Fordington Gin and Martini makes a very special drink. Serve with lemon garnish and enjoy!

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g&t with orange

One more for luck…


For an interesting gin and martini cocktail with a savoury touch, try adding a dash of olive brine.

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grapefruit and basil

Grapefruit and basil


For a sharp but tasty cocktail add Grapefurit and basil to Fordington Gin and Fever Tree tonic.

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leap year gin cocktail poured from cocktail shaker

Leap Year Cocktail


A sweet and tangy cocktail with an orange flavour, the Leap Year cocktail is not to be missed. Combining Fordington Gin, Grand Marnier and Sweet Vermouth, this delicious drink has an interesting history dating back to 1928.

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