About Fordington

Fordington Gin is created in the heart of Dorset bringing you a London Dry Gin with a special and uniquely magical twist.


Fordington is a new and contemporary Gin, bringing a taste that is gentle and distinctive in flavour.  The aniseed and lemon balm add lightness to the Gin allowing for a subtle and creative taste for you to savour.


Ros Nelmes is the creator of Fordington Gin. Ros is passionate about her product and about her home in Dorset.  Dorset is peppered with some of the most exceptional food and drink producers in the country, from its rolling green hills to its majestic Jurassic coastline.


Ros has extensive knowledge of the world of gin and gives talks on the history and making of gin over the decades on a regular basis.  See her video below for a taster…
Ros Nelmes, creator of Fordington Gin
Having been a practising chiropractor for many years, I decided it was time for a change...and what a refreshing change!'
Ros at home with her chickens